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Sarah Wilkinson has been published in numerous literary magazines including Atticus Review, Amarillo Bay, Bangalore Review, Lime Hawk, Litro, among others. She is a nonfiction editor at Halfway Down the Stairs. A graduating senior from Champlain College’s Professional Writing program, Sarah is a former intern for Senator Bernie Sanders and a butter aficionado who once traveled the world in search of the best butter (which she found in  Bruges, Belgium). When she’s not reading or writing about power and social justice, she’s thinking about it, and probably eating butter.

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Over the last year, many people have (some without knowing it) helped me develop this project. I can’t possibly recognize all of you, but what follows is a start.

To Mom: thanks for showing me what a strong woman looks like and for always supporting my ambitions to become a writer despite the crummy paycheck. You saw a passion in me, you fostered it, and you’ve watched me bloom. You are the catalyst of my success. Thank you.

To Dad: thanks for being a strong presence in my life even though I live halfway across the country from you. I would not be the person I am without your support and love. Thank you.

To Emma: thanks for letting me peek inside the mind of a 14-year-old who is  politically engaged in a way I never was at your age, and also incredibly intelligent and compassionate. You are the reason I want to make the world a better place with my writing. Thank you.

To Seth: thanks for believing and encouraging me in all of my endeavors as a young writer with big ambitions. I know you’ll always be in my corner. Thank you.

To Heather Curran: thanks for encouraging me to follow my passions all the way to Champlain College. You came into my life at a pivotal moment, and without your praise, support, and friendship, this project would not exist. Thank you.

To my professors in the Core Division at Champlain College: thanks for challenging me to see the world through different perspectives than my own. If you all—particularly Faith Yacubian—hadn’t opened those doors for me, I never would have created this project. Thank you.

To Melissa Carlson: thanks for asking me thought-provoking questions and sharing your knowledge on the subject of social justice. This project wouldn’t exist in its current form without you. Thank you.

To Jessica Hendry Nelson: thanks for teaching a fiction course that introduced stimulating ideas about power structures. I was never more inspired to write than after your class. Thank you.

To my friends Jess and Abbie: thanks for continually helping me re-envision what this project could be, and for providing a forum that helped develop my ideas into essays. Jess, thanks for a stunning author photo. Abbie, thanks for helping me design the cover of my book. Thank you both.

To Kelly Thomas: thanks for contributing your ideas toward the development of this project. To Warren Baker: thanks for believing in me every step of the way. Thank you both.

To the authors of the books I read during this project and the academics behind PowerCube: thanks for paving the way for young writers like me to build on. I’m honored to contribute to the conversation. Thank you.

To Senator Bernie Sanders and all the wonderful people I met while interning in his office: thanks for starting conversations that got me thinking about how the political is personal. If Bernie hadn’t run for president, I don’t think this book would exist. Thank you.